Sunday, September 30, 2007

My frist psot.

Ok, so not quite that exciting; would have expected the url to be taken though, but alas, it is mine now. So what is this going to be? Well it should be whatever I feel like. I expect mostly C#, OOP and asp.NET in particular because that is my job at the moment, but whatever I feel like ranting about I guess.

About me:
  • I live in Bozeman, Montana.
  • I work in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (yeah, thats something of a commute!).
  • I am a software developer, mostly writing C# for a couple applications and a large library, but I occasionally do some perl, php, vbscript, c++, ....
  • I like to solve problems (hence I am a programmer).
  • I love to read (this whole blogosphere has me hooked, I am subscribed to several hundred blogs and blog aggregations and I read every post, about 80 posts a day, and that ignores the books I am reading [right now, The Martians, The Salmon of Doubt and Professional DotNetNuke 4]).
  • I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, swimming, and generally being outside.
  • I graduated college with 3 degrees (Computer Science, Computer Security and Mathematics) because I was bored for the most part and the school I went to did not have, nor did I know to look for, adequate research opportunities.
  • I would like to go on for my PhD in CS in the hopes of furthering research in the field and better educating future persons in the profession.
  • As for research areas I have always been particularly interested in parallel computing and compiler construction (esp. compiler optimizations for parallel environments and languages for such), but I have been recently coming to enjoy the field of software engineering and the interaction I see it should be having with logic. I have a couple of ideas started for various papers/books I intend to get to writing and I hope the fact I just wrote that provides me the push I need to complete them.
Hmm, that was a bit more than I expected to write. No more misspelled titles to reference slashdot though I think.