Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Read only source?

ScottGu on releasing read only source code for .NET 3.5

I don't know about this. I will not be looking at any code under the MS-RL. It seems like having that license makes the code supplied under it bait. I wonder how it will affect the number of contributors to mono? Once you look at the Microsoft .NET source, you can no longer contribute to mono.

It seems like embrace, extend, extinguish to me. First Microsoft embraces all developers by making it really easy to look at and use the source for the framework. They continue working on it to build up libraries for anything imaginable. Then a few years later they bombard open implementations and competitors with the full force of their legal department. Or worse, they eat up so much of the development pool that there is no one left to compete with them, they get in with colleges to use their implementation and have people write books about it, etc. And I was beginning to think the MS dev offices were a whole different better side of MS.

Kudos to the hard working guys at MS who got it this far, but I am unsure that this is far enough.

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