Sunday, December 9, 2007

Visual Studio 2008 first impressions

ok, ...

I will not be using VS 2008 until Resharper 4.0 EAP begins. I began starting to use 2008 this evening for my next post and I almost immediately realized just how dependent on R# I have become. As I began the first things I noticed (within the first 5 seconds) were:
  • Intellisense was different and I am not used to it.
  • I had forgotten where StringBuilder was located (R# will let you know when you reference a class that is not in a namespace you are using).
  • I really miss the error detection system.
  • Alt+Enter
  • F6
  • F2
  • Ctrl+B
  • Ctrl+T (I have binded this shortcut to Resharper.UnitTest.ContextDebug; more on that at some later time)
Other than that, I really liked my initial impressions:
  • Startup is much faster.
  • F1 doesn't hang VS for 5 minutes (I really hate this shortcut and I remove it from my system when possible because I tend to accidentally press it when going for F2 sometimes)
  • Hidden toolbox tabs show up faster when moused over.
  • Compilation seems faster.
  • VS seems to close faster.
So, in general, I really like it. Without R# I will not be using it.

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