Tuesday, September 16, 2008

weblogs.asp.net... why?

So, like most blog reading Asp.NET developers, I have been reading weblogs.asp.net for a long time. But ever since they opened up the membership to the blogroll the posts have gone downhill...

I am way behind on my reading list in google reader (it says 1000+). After reading this:
(describing turning the string values of input boxes into date values and then doing a comparison to validate that one is no more than a year from the other)

This could have been a good post if:
  1. The subject matter was non-trivial.
  2. The code was internationalized (hence making the subject matter non-trivial).
  3. There weren't any grammar mistakes.
  4. And, the calculation was done entirely using Javascript Date objects (instead of the numeric values of those objects)
Unfortunately it wasn't:
  1. Simple date math (Is date 1 within 1 year of date two?) is and should be a trivial problem in any programming language.
  2. The code provided only works in locales that format their dates like en-GB (dd/mm/yyyy).
  3. The first 3 lines are not a single sentence; words are spelled wrong; spaces are missing. Also one of the comments makes no sense whatsoever.

  4. var fromDate = new Date();
    var toDate = new Date();
    var maxAllowableToDate = fromDate;
    if(fromDate < toDate && toDate < maxAllowableToDate) ...
This makes me question why I am still reading. Please stop posting garbage. At least, stop posting it to weblogs.asp.net. I liked reading most of the stuff there before it became public registration.


Josefinita said...

I saw your your post here: http://softwaremaniacs.org/forum/highlightjs/1362/&prev=_t&usg=ALkJrhhsvjrK1nKtuhLIRcDw0yjWpyPGJQ/

about highlight.js and line numbers. I don't know how to contact you directly so sorry I leave a comment here..

Do you still have this files? I would need them too. Or you can post them in your blog ?

Thank you!,

fallout said...

no problems, I will put a link up for them after work today (3pm-ish US Mountain time).