Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pex + NUnit + R# + regexes == VS blowup and R# reinstall required

So... I just thought I'd let it out there:

  1. Pex doesn't come with NUnit support out of the box (apparently it only has MSTest). I cannot use it until this is fixed. Apparently there is supposed to be an extension project, but I can't find it anywhere.
  2. The Resharper release candidate is now available. Definately awesome.
  3. If you try using Pex with NUnit and strings that you make into regexes as parameters to the PexMethod, Pex apparently crashes visual studio. Worse yet, after the crash my R# settings are reset (I had the beta installed) and the fonts and colors editor doesn't even have the settings available anymore. As I write this post the release candidate is installing.
  4. After updating R# the fonts and color available settings have returned and apparently the settings aren't reset; VS just isn't honoring them. Changing one of them to something else and back again appears to get it to apply my settings.
Wierd day. Needless to say: I will not be trying to do that with Pex again for a while (I'll wait for proper NUnit support first).

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